Welcome to the Roanoke Beacon in Washington County, NC

The Roanoke River Lighthouse

Dedicated to compiling and distributing news, views and happenings of Washington County, The Roanoke Beacon was founded in June 1889, “For God, For Country, For Truth.”

Published weekly since that time, The Beacon provides complete coverage of the county, its towns – Creswell, Plymouth and Roper – and the people that call this piece of heaven home.

Located in rural northeastern North Carolina, Plymouth is not only the county seat and major trading area for Washington County, but is also home to The Roanoke Beacon. Our offices overlook the Roanoke River, once a liquid highway and now a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

On our website we offer you a variety of information related to both our newspaper as well as our county. To keep up to date with all the County’s happenings you can get a subscription to The Beacon. We also offer contact information, public notices and more details on The Beacon’s past.

Additionally, we have a section dedicated to informing you of what there is to see and do in Washington County. We hope you enjoy the information provided here.