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PVFD has new leadership

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Dale-RB

Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department members elected new officers in a June 25 vote, installing Josh Swain as fire chief and Brian Scott as president for the upcoming year.... Read More

NERSBA OKs expansion into clay shooting league

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Arthur-RB

NERSBA Early College scholars are on the cusp of being able to hone their competitive shooting skills, following the approval of the school’s entry into the USA Hi.... Read More

Some Plymouth leaders discuss goals for the year

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Mary-RB

This budget “achieves the goals established by the governing board,” is a common, perhaps overused, phrase in the manager’s message of various governme.... Read More

Domtar donation funds books for ‘Little Libraries’

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Arthur-RB

Domtar Corporation donated $1,500 to Washington County Library ahead of the Fourth of July holiday last week. The donation came after librarian Brandy Goodwin made a so.... Read More

County to convene group for dispatch complaints

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Dale-RB

Responding to unspecified “recent complaints” about the work of Washington County’s 911 communication center, commissioners voted last week to assemble.... Read More