Why are virus options discouraged?

Sep 15, 2021 at 07:00 am by Arthur-RB

One of the most puzzling things to me about the entire COVID-19 pandemic has been the unwillingness by the ruling establishment to entertain new ideas about combating the virus.

For the record, I’m all for vaccines, and there seems to be sufficient data to support that being vaccinated generally puts a person in a better position than being unvaccinated.

However, there is also mounting evidence that breakthrough cases are becoming more and more prevalent. So much so, that there’s talk of booster shots to help with the rise in new variants.

Here’s something to consider. We’re told that we are in an unprecdented time in dealing with a virus that is so contagious that the entire world is dealing with it all at once and risking total economic ruin.

We are told that the unvaccinated among us are directly responsible for extending this pandemic because they refuse to trust the science and are just too stubborn or selfish to protect their neighbors.

As a result we have seen all kinds of measures be taken in order to rectify the problem.

Local governments created lotteries so that even the greediest among us would be tempted to get vaccinat- ed for a shot at some serious cash. The mainstream media has tried to shame individuals into getting a vaccine and just recently, President Biden has threatened to use OSHA to force private businesses to mandate vaccinations for our own good.

But the point is, if the unvaccinated among us are a threat, the vaccinated are still in mortal danger, and not even greed, shame and coercion are working, why not suggest an unconventional approach to the problem?

If the real enemy is COVID-19, why aren’t we doing everything in our power and trying everything in conjunction with vaccinations to stop it?

Why are we talking about firing healthcare workers if they refuse vaccinations in a time where we are frequently told that hospitals are overrun and professionals are in short supply?

Why is it that top Democrats, the mainstream media establishment, the CDC, Dr Fauci and others are solely focusing on vaccines alone if even they aren’t a panacea?

It seems to me that if a situation is dire and ongoing, and COVID is getting deadlier by the day, then we ought to throw everything we can at the virus to save ourselves.

I began thinking about all of these things after a somewhat minor controversy over a week ago involving comedian and fight commentator Joe Rogan.

Recently, Rogan announced that he had contracted COVID and was going to forgo vaccination and instead take a number of alternative treatments to combat the illness. Rogan told his fans that he was going to “throw the kitchen sink” at the virus, which included vitamin IV drips, supplements, monoclonal antibody therapy and the drug Ivermectin.

Almost immediately, media headlines blew up, ignoring the other treatments and focusing in on his mention of Ivermectin.

Immediately the news media, particularly CNN, declared Rogan a dangerous lunatic who was leading the right wing charge into medical insanity and misleading others to their deaths. They did this even while being aware that the drug helps humans and has studies that demonstrate an early effectiveness against COVID under the right conditions.

Of course, there have been reports about the rise of calls to poison control centers by those who have foolishly taken the version of the drug that isn’t meant for human consumption. All I have to say to that is that there is no accounting for human recklessness.

That still doesn’t change the fact that Ivermectin has been used to treat humans for years and that at least someone, somewhere has gotten some benefit from it.

I’m not here to convince anyone that Ivermectin and alternative treatments alone are better than the vaccines. They might not be and certainly the average Joe is not going to have access to all of the treatments that Joe Rogan does for obvious reasons.

But that doesn’t change the question on the ground.

If the medical authorities and politicians are so concerned with the preservation of life and getting us back to normal, why are different approaches discouraged and dissenting information dismissed?

Washington County native Arthur Howell is a staff writer at The Beacon. He can be reached via email at arthur@roanokebeacon.com.

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