Where are they now? James Collins

Sep 15, 2021 at 07:00 am by Arthur-RB

James Collins served his country faithfully as a member of the United States Marine Corps during the height of the Iraq War.

Though retired, Collins says that he still carries the lessons he learned from being a Marine with him in all of his business and personal endeavors, which has led to a full, successful life.

The son of Lynette and William Collins Sr., James grew up just outside of Plymouth in Martin County. Unlike most of his family who attended Plymouth High School, Collins graduated from Jamesville High School in 1999 and afterwards he attended UNC Chapel Hill.

Collins says that his family has a long history of military service and that a career in the armed forces was likely always in his future.

“In my family, my grandmother had a wall of honor. There were other members of my family that served up there in the military and there was only one other Marine in my family. Philip McNair, who is my first cousin,” he says proudly.

Initially, Collins says that he pursued a degree in biology to become a doctor in the Marine Corp but later switched his major to psychology...


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