Voter history questions answered

Nov 23, 2022 at 07:00 am by Dale-RB

The NC State Board of Elections and county boards of elections are responding to requests from Election Day voters about why their “voter history” records are not yet updated to reflect the fact that they voted on Election Day – November 8.

The state board contends doubt and confusion stems from unspecified groups’ effort to spread false and misleading information about the process in an attempt to sow distrust in.

After every election, county boards go through a labor-intensive process of recording in a public database who voted in the election and what method of voting they chose (e.g., absentee, early voting, Election Day). This is the process of assigning “Voter History” to voters’ records.

Often, county boards are converting paper records from when voters checked in at their polling place into electronic database records. This process takes many days to complete, at a time when county boards are carrying out various other post-election tasks...

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