Couple brings Underground Railroad to life

Nov 23, 2022 at 07:00 am by Dale-RB

Three dozen people traveled back in time last week for a look at the “brilliance, creativity and ingenuity” of 19th Century abolitionists and free blacks as portrayed by Leesa and Milton Jones — students of Underground Railroad history.

The husband-and-wife team from Washington portrayed the central characters in an interactive presentation that offered insight into Underground Railroad strategies that wove music, dance, plants, literature — and quilts — into tools that contributed to success stories of the “network to freedom” for enslaved people.

The lively and riveting program was arranged by Washington County Historical Society member Jill Manring as part of the organization’s annual meeting.

Leesa Jones, Director and Co-founder of the Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum, says the role of the port of Plymouth in the Underground Railroad is undeniable. Further, she told last week’s audience at the Port O’ Plymouth Museum that the use of quilts is equally true, despite the claims of some.

In explaining the function of “Bow Tie” quilts, Jones noted that escaping slaves dressed in nearly identical fashion while enslaved...


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