Some Plymouth leaders discuss goals for the year

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Mary-RB

This budget “achieves the goals established by the governing board,” is a common, perhaps overused, phrase in the manager’s message of various government entities.

But, this year, during Plymouth’s public hearing on their spending plan, Sarah Forner asked if that is true, or if the budget was just status quo.

Several managers over the past years have asked Plymouth Town Council to set goals well before the budget process, so they could know how best to earmark funds. That has not happened.

So, The Beacon called each of Plymouth’s elected officials and asked their individual, attainable, goals for the coming year. Only three of seven — Mayor Brian Roth, Councilwoman Crystal Davis and Councilwoman Mary Nixon — responded, and some of their aspirations mirrored each other.

Councilwomen Mary Ann Byers and Donsenia Teel, along with Councilmen John Tharps and Danny Wobbleton did not provide feedback...

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