Slimy fun at the library

Jul 10, 2024 at 07:00 am by Arthur-RB

While Washington County Library was previously all about the animals, last week was all about the kids getting wild and messy for a special homemade slime making adventure.

Lead by librarian Brandy Goodwin, the library’s latest Summer Reading Program offering was all about getting some hands dirty and causing more than a few messes in the usually tidy learning space. To begin with, Goodwin primed the kids in attendance with a story about the very thing they were about to make.

The book, aptly titled “Too Much Slime” was just what the kids needed to get excited about making their own gooey creations. After the story was done, Goodwin announced that they were about to make “Moon Slime.”

“I hope you enjoyed that story because today we’re going to make our own slime that’s going to take over the library,” Goodwin said. “It won’t be like the one in our story today, we’re going to make something a little different. We’re making Moon Slime…you’ll see why once we get started...”

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