County joins Plymouth, adopts black bear as its brand

Aug 14, 2019 at 07:00 am by Dale-RB

Washington County commissioners embraced the iconic black bear as its brand in a unanimous vote last week.

The action came at the request of the county’s Travel and Tourism (TTA) Director, Tom Harrison. Commissioner William Sexton made the motion and Cole Phelps provided the second after a suggestion by Commissioner Chair Tracey Johnson to delay action.

“We’ve struggled for eight years to find a strategy,” Phelps said. “To wait longer is to just kick the can down the road.”

Harrison asked commissioners to adopt the black bear as the county brand and the logo Bear-olina as the expression of the brand. His presentation mirrored several recent presentations stemming from TTA’s search for a brand that’s unique to the county and that can be bolstered by elements not available elsewhere.

Washington County is touted to have the largest black bears in the world and the heaviest concentration of the bruins anywhere. Harrison’s creation, the North Carolina Black Bear Festival, has drawn enormous crowds and generated widespread attention since its inception in 2015...

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